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Highly recommend Minna as a specialist

Highly recommend Minna as a specialist. She is exceptional in her approach to problem-solving. Minna consistently demonstrates a strong determination and resilience; there are no cases where she would lose motivation or give up. She proactively seeks improvements for our customers, whether it's enhancing UI/UX, incorporating better features, or ensuring higher satisfaction levels.

Minna's solutions are consistently well-considered, striking a balance between engineering complexity and value/cost analysis. Her colleagues highly appreciate the quality of her implementations: her code is clean, robust, maintainable, and scalable. Remarkably, she achieves outstanding results without compromising on speed.

Moreover, Minna excels as a team player. She effectively communicates with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, skillfully collecting requirements, proposing solutions, and incorporating feedback into her work. Her ability to collaborate across different roles greatly contributes to the success of our projects.

Andrei Zavarzin
Engineering Manager at Smartly.io

Highly recommend for software engineering and frontend development roles

I had the pleasure of working with Minna in developing our design system and product functionality at Robocorp. Minna was responsible for implementing user facing features and design system components. She is a great communicator, a solid team player and always in a positive mood. Minna has also great attention to detail, making sure views and components look the way they were designed and are clear for users. I can highly recommend her for software engineering and front-end development roles and would be happy to work with her again.

Janne Aukia
Lead Designer at Robocorp